Французский & Мода

1 leçon = 45 min
1 lesson = 45 min
Groupe d'étudiants
Group of 12 students
Program starts every Monday
Various cultural activities
Courses at school
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Париж, столица моды и искусства, ждет Вас на незабываемый отдых. Вы откроете для себя самые известные парфюмерные дома, секреты красоты любимых актрис, и точки шоппинг-притяжения самых элегантных парижанок!

french & fashion

Paris, capital of luxury, fashion and elegance “à la française” welcomes you for a unique and original program that allows you to improve your French and discover a part of French culture.

Like Milan, London or New York, Paris welcomes fashion week every year, making this city a global influencer in the field of fashion.

If Coco Chanel, Yves Saint-Laurent or Jean-Paul Gaultier make you dream, come and marvel at the shops of these great creators.

France Langue has selected exceptional partners, professionals and enthusiasts and make you enjoy your choice

  • services of a personal shopper,
  • beauty tips for makeup worthy of the biggest stars
  • a discovery of the 10 prestigious perfume houses
  • a creation of your own perfume!

The ideal program for “fashionistas”!

French lessons – 20 lessons per week

French classes take place in our schools on the basis of 20 lessons / week.

At the end of a written online test, you make an oral test on your first day at school, in order to validate your level and to confirm the class which has been assigned to you.

The courses are taught by teachers of French as a foreign language, French as their mother tongue, and having obtained a specialization diploma in the teaching of French at a university.

France Langue welcomes students from all over the world, the classes groups are formed according to the level of students but also according to their needs and expectations in French. Classes are limited to 12 students per class (14 in case of affluence) to allow everyone to move at his own pace.

Fashion & Style – 2 workshops per week

This program is available for a maximum of 2 weeks.

The Fashion & Elegance workshops are organized according to the schedule of French classes, from Monday to Friday (in case of a stay of more than one week, possibility of having Fashion & Elegance workshops on Saturdays and Sundays).

2 workshops/week, amoung our list of fashion and style workshops:

Discover the places that are famous for Parisian fashion and style thanks to our stylist who will take you to the most beautiful addresses of the Capital. She speaks French, English and Japanese.

Concept-stores, vintage shops or emerging designers, this experience offers you an immersion in the world of fashion so specific to Paris and will also be an opportunity for you to perfect the lexicon of this universe.

The +: morphological record and vocabulary of fashion.

The make-up course takes place in the BY TERRY luxury boutique, a stone’s throw from the Louvre.

Details of the makeup course BY TERRY:
• Welcome
• Beauty tips: revealing Terry’s secrets for a perfect complexion
• Delivery of the beauty passport
• After the advice of the makeup artist, you reproduce the make-up on the other half of your face. The make-up artist watches over the good result of makeup
• Small shopping bag with special attention
• Possibility to buy BY TERRY cosmetics and perfumes

Come and discover the most beautiful French perfume houses of Paris!

Three three-hour tours are offered in the most beautiful parts of the capital:

  • Saint Germain des Prés
  • Marais
  • Saint Honoré

Choose your neighborhood and let yourself be guided!

This experience will introduce you to the fascinating world of perfume houses, their know-how and their history. You can also improve your French by discovering the vocabulary specific to the world of fragance.

Create a unique and original scent with the help of an expert called “Nez”, while

using sensory memory. The student takes off with his creation, in a real 30ml-bottle.


France Langue offers you this quick recreational test to determine your level of French in one look. When you register at France Langue, you need to do an other more complete test and an oral interview with a teacher to define more precisely your level and your linguistic goals.



This program is available for a maximum of 2 weeks.

Даты начала занятий для обучающихся “с нуля”:

2021 : 30/08 – 27/09 – 25/10 – 22/11
2022 : 03/01 – 31/01 – 28/02 – 28/03 – 25/04 – 23/05 – 27/06 – 25/07 – 22/08 – 26/09 – 24/10 – 21/11


Registration fee80€
20 lessons340€ / week
2 sessions “fashion”335€ / week

Наша команда

Наши преподаватели готовы помочь

Их цель? Поддержка студентов на пути открытий вместе с France Langue.

Коучинг и менторство – центр нашей методики создания адаптированных ситуаций, в которых студент практикует пройденный материал и концепции на протяжении всего пути с France Langue.

Уроки и мероприятия доступны на платформе FLOnline, воспользуйтесь всеми преимуществами Виртуальной Школы и оставайтесь на связи с Вашими сокурсниками.

  • Общий французский: совершенствуйте 4 навыка владения французским в соответствии с  CERF (общеевропейский стандарт компетенции владения иностранным языком).
  • Уроки в городе: практикуйте полученные навыки за пределами школы.
  • Менторские сессии: под руководством Вашего преподавателя превращайте Ваши слабые стороны в Ваши преимущества.
  • Специалисты по адаптации: Сопровождают Вас на всем пути обучения, чтобы помочь достигнуть всех поставленных целей и задач.



  1. Qualified, experienced, native French teachers
  2. Varied programs according to your desires and your tastes.
  3. A learning pace adapted to your needs
  4. Individualized educational follow-up via the chat to guarantee better progress.
  5. Доступ к нашей онлайн-школе на базе Microsoft 365 (Office, Teams, OneNote, Stream). Адаптированная к современным реалиям и технологиям, наша методика включает уроки, тематические воркшопы, виртуальные встречи и экскурсии.


our objectives

Our pedagogy is oriented mainly towards the communication and the accomplishment of “tasks“, our classes are alive and always put forward activities of language communication to allow you to use French adequately, right out of the class.

Our goal is to push you to TALK, LISTEN, WRITE, READ, INTERACT, always in a concern of communication. Linguistic and / or grammatical accuracy is not the priority in the French language course, only the ability you have to express yourself will allow us to take into account your level of French and your progress.

However, we do not neglect what is the basis of French namely syntactic and grammatical rules or phonetics. All this is approached in a playful and always pragmatic way, always anchoring the examples in concrete situations of everyday life.

In order to ensure everyone’s progress, the teaching teams regularly organize continuous tests:

  • one at the end of each week to validate your good progress and avoid the stall
  • one at the end of each level to validate your ability to take courses in the upper level.

At all times, you benefit from personalized support that allows you to go further in your learning French by working on your expectations and needs.


Кооперативное обучение основывается на прикладном подходе к изучению языка на практике в реальных жизненных ситуациях, что обеспечивается использованием разнообразных площадок для обучения (в классе, в городе, за круглым столом, на онлайн-платформе).
Использование лучших доступных технологий и методик позволяет создать полноценный опыт полного вовлечения студента в обучение и обеспечить поддержку на всех его этапах.


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