Подростки 14-17 лет

1 leçon = 45 min
1 урок = 45 мин
Курсы с фиксированными
датами начала занятий
Groupe d'étudiants
Группы до 14 студентов
или Английский
Разнообразные культурные
и спортивные мероприятия
бесплатный WiFi

France Langue предлагает программы “изучение языка и спорт” с полным погружением, разработанные специально для подростков в возрасте от 14 до 17 лет. Уроки проходят утром, а спортивные сессии во второй половине дня.

Juniors 14-17 years old

Open and cosmopolitan, Biarritz is one of the most prestigious seaside resorts on the Atlantic coast and one of the most welcoming cities in France that has preserved its identity!

NEW THIS SUMMER: France Langue and Wimbledon School of English has partnered to offer a linguistic, sports and cultural stay in total immersion!


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weekly French or english lessons
20 lessons / week


Language lessons take place at the residence in the mornings, Monday to Friday.
The juniors are divided into groups of levels of up to 14 learners. The written and oral tests are done before arrival. However, if France Langue Biarritz did not receive the written tests or the oral tests upstream, the juniors will pass them on the first day of classes.

Sports activities – 4 sessions / week


Surf lessons

A swim test will be held on Monday morning at 8:30 am at the beach of “Port Vieux”. All participants in the junior program in Biarritz must know how to swim.

Surf lessons will be held 4 times a week in the afternoons for 1h30 at Milady beach in Biarritz. Schedules may vary depending on the tides and weather conditions. In case of bad conditions that would make surfing impossible, canceled sessions will be postponed by the provider.

During the surf lessons, the young students will be divided into groups of 8 maximum with a surf instructor graduated from a State Patent of surfing instructor or a BPJEPS mention: surf (Professional Certificate of the Youth, of the Popular Education and Sport).

The teachers will address a theme on this sport during class time to facilitate the understanding of surf lessons and to address local sporting events.

The practice of surfing will allow juniors to communicate and exchange on a common interest and share in French and will participate in group dynamics, cohesion and solidarity.

France language guarantees

  • 4 sport sessions of 1h30 / week
  • Each activity is supervised by a qualified professional
  • All material provided for the activities.
  • A swim test is performed at the beginning of your stay.

Social program

The Junior Program of France Langue Biarritz has a program of activities in addition to the sport sessions:

– A convenient city tour on the Monday of arrival for new students
– One cultural visit per week (half-day excursion on Wednesday afternoon and / or a full day on Saturday in Bayonne, Saint Jean de Luz, Biarritz, Hendaye)
– Every other day, social activities, fun and sports to allow the juniors to practice French together (football, beach volley, quiz, photo contest, treasure hunt …)
– Evenings to promote exchanges: 1 evening a week on Friday (evening on the beach, bowling, cinema …). Other nights are free or family.

Full board accommodation

Lycee Etxepare has a campus, ideally located on the North of the city, with easy access by private bus to the beach and the cultural visits.
The residence has 20 rooms, each room can host 4 people and have their own ensuite bathroom. A large dining area and various sport equipment (pelota wall, equipped gymnasium, soccer and rugby fields) are also available directly on campus.

Comfortable and secured, the complex of Lycée Etxepare is the perfect venue to receive young people for their language holidays.

Meals: They are taken all together in the residence. Packed lunches are provided for weekday lunches and excursions. Special diets may be taken into account if the school is informed at the time of booking.

Useful information



In order to avoid any intrusion into the residence, a nominative document with a photo will be given to them on the first day of their arrival on the site. To find out where each minor is, France Langue Biarritz collects the presences of the students.

The school also requests a medical certificate or signed statement from parents for each junior (medical history and recommendations).



2 weeks minimum, between 26/06/2021 and 14/08/2021

Registration fee80€
French + surf / multi-activities – Whole Package2 120 € / 2 weeks
French + surf / multi-activities – Whole Package3 180 € / 3 weeks
French + surf / multi-activities – Whole Package1 050€ / additional week
French + surf / multi-activities – Day camp860 € / week

Whole package = Registration fees + language course 20 lessons/ week + 4 sport and cultural sessions/ week + full board accommodation + return transfers from Nice airport/train station

Not included : personnal expenses

Registration fee80 €
English + surf / multi-activities – Whole Package
2 320 € / 2 weeks
English + surf / multi-activities – Whole Package3 480 € / 3 weeks
English + surf / multi-activities – Whole Package1 150 € / additional week
English + surf / multi-activities – Day camp
945 € / week

Наша команда

Наши преподаватели готовы помочь

Их цель? Поддержка студентов на пути открытий вместе с France Langue.

Коучинг и менторство – центр нашей методики создания адаптированных ситуаций, в которых студент практикует пройденный материал и концепции на протяжении всего пути с France Langue.

Уроки и мероприятия доступны на платформе FLOnline, воспользуйтесь всеми преимуществами Виртуальной Школы и оставайтесь на связи с Вашими сокурсниками.

  • Общий французский: совершенствуйте 4 навыка владения французским в соответствии с  CERF (общеевропейский стандарт компетенции владения иностранным языком).
  • Уроки в городе: практикуйте полученные навыки за пределами школы.
  • Менторские сессии: под руководством Вашего преподавателя превращайте Ваши слабые стороны в Ваши преимущества.
  • Специалисты по адаптации: Сопровождают Вас на всем пути обучения, чтобы помочь достигнуть всех поставленных целей и задач.




  1. Welcome meeting on Monday morning
  2. Online test: before arrival in France
  3. Oral test before the start of class
  4. Teachers graduated from the university and of French mother tongue
  5. Classes dedicated to juniors: 14 students per class maximum


our objectives​

The objective of the course is to improve their oral and written communication, strengthen their vocabulary and grammar points, develop their knowledge of French or English culture and civilization, and express themselves fluently and fluently in different situations. .

During their courses, the teachers will address the four areas of competence of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference), namely: oral expression and comprehension and written expression and comprehension.

The content developed has an action-oriented approach with various activities created in line with the audience and the level of the groups, thus promoting oral expression while laying the foundations of the written word.

The teaching team will animate attractive, pleasant and enjoyable lessons through playful educational activities, such as group or pair activities in their class, and interactions with other level groups during pedagogical aspects events related to the life of the school.


Кооперативное обучение основывается на прикладном подходе к изучению языка на практике в реальных жизненных ситуациях, что обеспечивается использованием разнообразных площадок для обучения (в классе, в городе, за круглым столом, на онлайн-платформе).
Использование лучших доступных технологий и методик позволяет создать полноценный опыт полного вовлечения студента в обучение и обеспечить поддержку на всех его этапах.


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