Французский & Работа

Groupe de 12 étudiants
Group of 12 students
Programme with
fixed dates
1 leçon = 45 min
1 lesson = 45 min
Level B1 minimum
Courses at school
and online
Various cultural

Изучайте французский, работая во Франции! Совершенствуйте знание языка на занятиях в школе и во время работы. Воспользуйтесь преимуществами нашей сети бизнес-контактов. Получайте все выгоды оплачиваемой работы, и окунитесь в реальную жизнь французского бизнеса.

Work Experience
French & Job

Do you want to progress in French in a secure environment? Don’t wait any longer to fully live a professional experience in France with a paid job in the services field!

Work in France


“The French & Paid Job” program is a life-changing linguistic and cultural experience where you will have the opportunity to learn French at school as well as in a french professional environment that varies from what you’re used to.
You will work in France and discover the workplace “à la française”.

Improve your French on a Daily Basis, at France Langue and at Work


French lessons adapted to your level

The French courses are composed of 20 general French lessons, in international class that has a strong emphasis on the oral interaction between students. In addition, you will follow linguistic or cultural workshops adapted to your needs.

In order to better your chances, you will also attend two specialized workshops for your integration into a French company. These workshops will help you understand and prepare for job interviews in France.

You meet the following conditions?

  • Are you between 18 and 30 years old? (age requirements for both France Langue and work placements)
  • Are you at an intermediate level in French (B1 minimum)?
  • Are you European or able to provide a Working Holiday Visa?
  • Are you able to cover financially the first two months of your stay?
  • Are you able to provide an international insurance?
  • Are you available for at least 3 months?




Programme of 2 weeks minimum.

Programme start dates

2021 :  06/09 – 04/10 – 02/11 – 06/12
2022 : 03/01 – 07/02 – 07/03 – 04/04 – 02/05 – 30/05 – 04/07 – 01/08 – 05/09 – 03/10 – 07/11

registration fee80€
French & Job (whole package*)885€ / 2 weeks
French & Work Experience workshops only**205€ / 2 weeks
Work Experience workshops only (2 workshops)***115€
Job placement fee850€


*Whole package
20 lessons (General French)
+ 4 lessons (themed workshops)
+ 2 lessons (work experience workshops)

**French & Work Experience workshops only
4 lessons (themed workshops)
+ 2 lessons (work experience workshops)

**(Must be combined with a 2-week French & Work Experience programme minimum)

Наша команда

Наши преподаватели готовы помочь

Их цель? Поддержка студентов на пути открытий вместе с France Langue.

Коучинг и менторство – центр нашей методики создания адаптированных ситуаций, в которых студент практикует пройденный материал и концепции на протяжении всего пути с France Langue.

Уроки и мероприятия доступны на платформе FLOnline, воспользуйтесь всеми преимуществами Виртуальной Школы и оставайтесь на связи с Вашими сокурсниками.

  • Общий французский: совершенствуйте 4 навыка владения французским в соответствии с  CERF (общеевропейский стандарт компетенции владения иностранным языком).
  • Уроки в городе: практикуйте полученные навыки за пределами школы.
  • Менторские сессии: под руководством Вашего преподавателя превращайте Ваши слабые стороны в Ваши преимущества.
  • Специалисты по адаптации: Сопровождают Вас на всем пути обучения, чтобы помочь достигнуть всех поставленных целей и задач.


A full-immersion French Programme – A Supervized Work Experience – A Secure Stay

  1. French lessons at our school in Paris
  2. A programme tailored to your level and made to prepare you for your professional career
  3. A serious and carefully selected employer
  4. Signature of an internship agreement regulated by the French law
  5. Permanent support by our team for a peaceful stay

to start?

Enroll a minimum of 2 months before your arrival!

steps to follow

Application form checked

• France Langue’s online level test
• Application form (resume and cover letter in French)

Step 2
Validation of your
application form

• Skype interview to define and assess your project
• Acceptation to the program
«French & Paid Job»

Step 3
Confirmation of participation
to the program

• Enrolment at France Langue
• Deposit or payment of your stay A deposit (50% of the total amount of the program) is required to confirm your enrollment into the program “French & Paid job”.

Think about it!

A complete application form includes:
• A resume / CV in French (Word format)
• A cover letter in French (Word format)
• The results of your French level test
• A copy of your passport


our objectives

The objective of the course is to improve oral and written communication, to strengthen vocabulary and fundamental grammatical points, to develop knowledge of French culture and civilization and to express oneself with ease and fluidity in different situations.

During their teaching, professors will approach the four areas of competence of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference), namely: oral expression and comprehension and written expression and comprehension.

The content developed has an action-oriented approach with many activities created in line with the audience and the level of the groups, thus promoting oral expression while laying down the foundations of the written word.

The teaching team will run attractive, pleasant and enjoyable lessons through fun didactic activities, such as group, group or pair activities within their class, and interactions with other level groups during events. pedagogical related to school life.


Кооперативное обучение основывается на прикладном подходе к изучению языка на практике в реальных жизненных ситуациях, что обеспечивается использованием разнообразных площадок для обучения (в классе, в городе, за круглым столом, на онлайн-платформе).
Использование лучших доступных технологий и методик позволяет создать полноценный опыт полного вовлечения студента в обучение и обеспечить поддержку на всех его этапах.

they trust us

the host companies

  • “We welcomed for the third time an intern sent by France Langue. The interns have each come from different backgrounds , for various lengths of time and had individual profiles , however,
    the experience shared with each of them has all been very satisfying.

    The work place of an international hotel is perfectly adapted to the kind of professional experience for the students wishing to develop their language skills. Depending on the length of the internship, we were able to adapt to personalized careers with the agreement and the support of the France Langue teams. Each intern was able to integrate itself and bring their personnal touch to our team. 

    We hope to keep on welcoming new interns through this programme and make our partnership grow in the coming years.”

    Director of a hotel residence in Paris.

  • “The France Langue teams have been able to offer us regular candidacies of serious, motivated and pleasant people, according to our needs.

    We have concretized hiring of seasonal employees. These multilingual students were able to use their language skills in contact with our international clientele.

    This professional immersion within our teams allowed them in return to develop their practice of French, while benefiting from a significant professional experience in the sectors of tourism and / or restaurant sector.

    Fully satisfied with this partnership with France Langue, we wish to continue and develop our relations, in the framework of future recruitments just as qualitative. “

    Recruitement Manager of a touristic boat company

  • I have met Victoria from France Langue more than a year ago and she presented me the organization. We have talked about the mutual benefits that we could find in this partnership.

    We are hiring for determined periods young people wishing to learn French. We are proposing different posts according to our needs and to the student’s level and experience, especially in catering or reception. They are integrated to our teams and improve quickly. 

    The students love to get rewarding tasks in terms of customer experience and that they are able to practice French in a workplace.

    This allowed us to meet great people very motivated and interested in the hotel and hospitality industry.

    Every time we have temporary needs, I get in touch with France Langue to see if they have new students available.”

    Director of a hotel in Paris

  • “Our partnership with France Langue since a year is a real success.

    We have welcomed dozens of students who have all been very well selected and are very happy to work with us in both a French and cosmopolitan atmosphere.”

    A HR manager of an ice cream shop

the students

  • Salesman in a cake shop

    “With this program we have the opportunity to experience the culture and life of real French people. I enjoyed this trip while learning the language and discovering the culture.”

    Nadia, 25, Mexican

  • In charge of the ticketing to Bateaux Parisiens

    “Having the opportunity to work with the locals really gave me a real impression of life here as well as culture in France and making progress in French.”


    Joel,19, Swiss

  • Salesman in a bakery

    “Thank you for everyhting you have done for me. Without you, I would have been lost here. My stay in Paris was wonderful thanks to you.”



    Federico, 19, Colombian

Our students testify

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